EAA 167, 2018: A Romano-British Industrial Site at East Winch, Norfolk, Mike Lally, Kate Nicholson, Andrew Peachey, Leonora O’Brien, Andrew Newton

Work in progress

Reports in press

  • No. 165 Love’s Farm, St Neots, Cambs (Hinman and Zant, OA East)
  • No. 166 Norfolk Late Bronze Age Hoards (A.J. Lawson, Norfolk HES)
  • No. 167 A Roman Kiln at East Winch, Norfolk (Lally et al., Archaeol Sol)
  • No. 000 Sawston, Dernford Farm, Cambs (Newton, Archaeol Sol)
  • No. 000 Rectory Farm Godmanchester (Lyons, OAEast)
  • No. 000 Mildenhall, Recreation Way, Suffolk (Alexander et al., Cotswold Archaeology)
  • No. 000 Waterden Bronze Age Hoard, Norfolk (Northover and Bridgford, Norfolk HES)

For sub-editing

  • Prehistoric burials at Orton Meadows, Peterborough (Mackreth, NVAT)
  • Ipswich, Stoke Quay (Brown, Teague, Loe, Sudds, Popescu, OA South)

Being revised following comment

  • Norwich, Whitefriars (Clarke, OA East)
  • Bacton/Yarmouth Pipeline, Norfolk (Bates, NAU Archaeol)
  • Norwich, French Borough (Percival, NAU Archaeol)
  • Fransham Parish Survey, Norfolk (Rogerson, Norfolk MAS)
  • Landscape Study, Linton, Cambs (Clarke and Gilmour, OA East)
  • Hinxton Hall, Cambs part 1 (Lyons, OA East)
  • Provisioning Ipswich (Crabtree, SCC AS)

With academic referee

  • none

Draft reports due in

  • Ipswich, Bone and Antler (Riddler, SCC AS)
  • RAF Lakenheath, Anglo-Saxon Burial Grounds (Hines/Caruth, Suffolk Archaeology)
  • Prehistoric ritual, settlement and ceramics at Abington and Landbeach, (Sealey et al., OA East)
  • The Archaeology of Clay Farm, Trumpington (OA East)

Draft reports in preparation

  • Romano-British Cemetery and Settlement at Babraham, Cambs (Beadsmoore, CAU)
  • Norfolk Anglo-Saxon Corpus (West, Norfolk MAS)
  • The Grove, Chilterns Dipslope Manor (LeQuesne, AOC)
  • Hinxton Hall, Cambs part 2 (Spoerry, OA East)
  • Prehistoric and Roman occupation from Fordham Bypass, Cambs (Connor/Mortimer, OA East)
  • Cambridge Park and Ride (Lyons, OA East)
  • Swavesey and Burwell Medieval Towns (Sayer, OA East)
  • Changing Fortunes of Huntingdon, Cambs (Clarke/Connor, OA East)
  • Bob’s Wood, Hinchingbrooke, Cambs (Zant, OA East)
  • Norwich, Castle Mound (Wallis, NAU Archaeol)
  • Archaeology of Iron Age Norfolk (Watkins, NAU Archaeol)
  • Prehistoric activity in the Yare Valley, Norfolk: Harford Park and Ride (Percival, NAU Archaeol)
  • Ipswich, Handford Road (Boulter, SCC AS)
  • Excavations at Flixton, Suffolk, vol 2 (Boulter, SCC AS)
  • Early Anglo-Saxon ‘small-long’ brooches (Helen Geake)
  • Briggs Farm, Thorney (Pickstone, OA East)
  • Centrality and Identity in Early Medieval Norwich (Edward Oakley)
  • Hartismere Anglo-Saxon Settlement (Caruth, SCCAS)
  • Funerary Landscapes in Suffolk (Beverton et al., SCC AS)
  • Pots, Practice and Society (Matt Brudenell)
  • Ipswich, 1970-1990 (Wade, SCC AS)
  • Bawdy Barnwell, Cambs (Connor, OAEast)
  • Bronze vessels from Crownthorpe, Norfolk (Sealey, NCC ES)
  • Anglo-Saxon cemetery at Fulmodeston, Norfolk (Powers, Allen Archaeology