Regional Research Framework Review

The Regional Historic Environment Research Framework for the East of England is currently undergoing a comprehensive review, funded by Historic England.

The aim of this project, developed by ALGAO East of England supported by Historic England, is to produce an updated Historic Environment Research Framework that encompasses the needs of the historic environment sector in the East of England. The project will establish an accessible, interactive Framework that can be readily updated and sustained beyond the lifespan of the project. The Framework will make use of an online hub developed collaboratively with Historic England which will bring together disparate resources for anyone engaged in historic environment research in the region.

The workshops for this review will take place in autumn 2018, as follows:

Date Time Topic Location Tickets
Thursday 20 September a.m. Early and Middle Bronze Age Cambridge (Brooklands)
Thursday 20 September p.m. Late Bronze Age and Early Iron Age Cambridge (Brooklands)
Thursday 27 September a.m. Early Anglo-Saxon Cambridge (Brooklands)
Thursday 27 September p.m. Middle and Late Anglo-Saxon Cambridge (Brooklands)
Monday 8 October a.m. Late Iron Age and Roman Circus, Colchester
Monday 8 October p.m. Post-medieval Circus, Colchester
Thursday 11 October a.m. Medieval urban Cambridge (Brooklands)
Thursday 11 October p.m. Medieval rural Cambridge (Brooklands)
Thursday 31 January 2019 a.m. Palaeolithic & Mesolithic Cambridge (Brooklands) 
Thursday 31 January 2019 p.m. Neolithic Cambridge (Brooklands)

A series of period-based summaries have been produced, bringing the Framework up to date in line with current understanding and interpretations and highlighting new research and projects. The first of these summaries are available below. Comments and feedback on these are welcomed via email.