Occasional Papers 15, 2003: A medieval moated site at Cedars Field, Stowmarket, Suffolk, by Sue Anderson

Excavations in 1980 and 1999 at Cedars Field revealed evidence for Neolithic and Bronze Age occupation, a Roman field boundary, and a medieval moated site. The latter is the main focus of this report, although evidence for the earlier land use is also presented.
The moated site consisted of a square outer enclosure with a smaller square inner platform. The moat itself was unusually shallow. Finds evidence suggested that occupation had occurred on the inner platform, and there was some evidence for the presence of structures within this part of the site.
The site appears to have been occupied from the 12th century but was abandoned at some point in the 14th century. Documentary evidence was useful in suggesting the tenure and significance of the site during this period. Following abandonment, the site reverted to agricultural use and the moat was partly backfilled, but remained waterlogged and partially visible into the 20th century.

Full reference:
Sue Anderson, 2003. 'A medieval moated site at Cedars Field, Stowmarket, Suffolk', East Anglian Archaeology Occasional Papers 15