Occasional Papers 9, 2001: Roman pottery manufacture at Bourne Hill, Wherstead, by D.Gill, J.Plouviez, R.P.Symonds and C.Tester

Ditches of late Iron Age and Roman date, probably enclosing a settlement, were found in a small gravel extraction area on Bourne Hill, Wherstead. Two twin-flued Roman pottery kilns, in use sometime between AD50 and 70, were excavated in and adjacent to ditches. This is one of the few sites in Britain with good evidence for the production of cups and platters stamped with a maker’s mark. The full range of products is surprisingly varied, with some types unique to Wherstead, including copies of glass bowls, apparently an example of local experimentation stimulated by new Roman material.

Full reference:
D.Gill, J.Plouviez, R.P.Symonds , C.Tester, 2001. 'Roman pottery manufacture at Bourne Hill, Wherstead', East Anglian Archaeology Occasional Papers 9