EAA 15, 1982: Excavations in Norwich 1971–1978, Part I, by Malcolm Atkin, Peter Donaldson, J.P. Roberts and Helen Sutermeister, with Alan Carter

This volume is the first in the series of excavation reports compiled as part of the work of the Norwich Survey. It includes two contrasting church surveys. St Benedicts was bombed in the war and very little remained standing when excavations took place. These showed the development of the plan, from the late 11th century through to the last century.
In contrast, an extensive watching brief at St James’ church, Pockthorpe, included very little excavation. However, this report shows what can be deduced from a complete standing church, with minimal excavation.
Excavations of the Duke of Norfolk’s palace are backed up by a documentary history. It was built in the 16th century in an area of marshland partly reclaimed by dumping. It was abandoned in the early 18th century partly due to the unsuitability of the site.

Full reference:
Malcolm Atkin, Peter Donaldson, J.P. Roberts , Helen Sutermeister, with Alan Carter, 1982. 'Excavations in Norwich 1971–1978, Part I', East Anglian Archaeology 15