EAA 19, 1983: Two post-medieval earthenware pottery groups from Fulmodeston, by Peter Wade-Martins

Limited excavation produced 16th-century pottery which is transitional between medieval reduced wares and post-medieval glazed red earthenwares.
A wide range of nearly complete vessels was retrieved from a ditch: jugs, jars, pancheons and pipkins, warming pots or pomanders, sprinkler pots and a ‘chicken feeder’. A large collection of kiln saggars, used for stacking tankards for firing, came from a pit, however the kiln site is not known.
The pottery provides a useful corpus for comparison with groups or stray finds discovered elsewhere.

Full reference:
Peter Wade-Martins, 1983. 'Two post-medieval earthenware pottery groups from Fulmodeston', East Anglian Archaeology 19