EAA 23, 1985: Excavations at Brancaster 1974 and 1977, by John Hinchliffe with Christopher Sparey-Green

Brancaster, the Branodunum of the Notitia Dignitatum, was the most northerly fort of the Saxon shore system. Aerial photographs revealed evidence of internal buildings within the fort, and enclosures and trackways of an extensive settlement outside.
Excavations in the settlement to the west of the fort suggested that the site had been laid out to a regular plan, with ditches defining house plots and trackways. This occurred before the end of the 2nd century and lasted through the 3rd century.
It is suggested that the settlement may relate to an early military establishment. In the second quarter of the 3rd century the Saxon shore fort was built, on a slightly different alignment, and was occupied throughout the 4th century, when occupation in the settlement had finished.
There are extensive reports on the pottery and animal bones which give valuable information about the economy of the site. Surface finds from the fort and adjacent settlement include both military and civil metalwork.

Full reference:
John Hinchliffe with Christopher Sparey-Green, 1985. 'Excavations at Brancaster 1974 and 1977', East Anglian Archaeology 23