EAA 32, 1987: Three Norman Churches in Norfolk, by Andrew Rogerson, Steven J. Ashley, Philip Williams and Andrew Harris

Excavations, architectural survey and documentary research are combined to illuminate the histories of the churches at Barton Bendish, Guestwick and Framingham Earl.
At Barton Bendish, extensive excavation of All Saints’ showed seven constructional phases between 1100 and 1600. Finds include painted window glass, lead cames, floor and roof tiles, as well as objects from the graves and coffin furniture. Human bone analysis gives information on burials ranging from the early 11th to the 18th century. Architectural descriptions of the two standing churches at Barton Bendish are given, and the architectural development of all three churches is compared diagrammatically by period.
Excavation revealed the plan of the 11th-century church of St Peter at Guestwick. Only the tower still stands, north of the later medieval church. At St Andrew’s, Framingham Earl, limited excavations beyond the east end revealed the apsidal chancel of the first phase.
A fine collection of photographs, illustrations of architectural features and elevations of towers and walls, combined with the clarity of description and phasing, make this an excellent contribution to church studies.

Full reference:
Andrew Rogerson, Steven J. Ashley, Philip Williams , Andrew Harris, 1987. 'Three Norman Churches in Norfolk', East Anglian Archaeology 32