EAA 43, 1988: Excavation at the North Ring, Mucking, Essex, by Dermot Bond

The excavation of the eastern side of this Late Bronze Age enclosure revealed two periods of construction, with associated structures including three circular buildings. Salvage excavations to the east produced evidence for a range of contemporary activities.
The assemblage of Late Bronze Age material included pottery, metalwork, industrial debris with sickle moulds and equipment for salt production.
The discussion and conclusions place the enclosure in context within the contemporary landscape, examining its relationship to the South Rings on the same gravel terrace, and to the earlier Middle Bronze Age pattern. Comparable sites, locally and regionally, are also discussed.
This report provides valuable information on the Bronze Age economy, environment and settlement layout on the north side of the Thames Valley.

Full reference:
Dermot Bond, 1988. 'Excavation at the North Ring, Mucking, Essex', East Anglian Archaeology 43