EAA 62, 1993: Excavations in Thetford by B.K. Davison between 1964 and 1970, by Carolyn Dallas

This volume describes three important sites in the town which were excavated in advance of redevelopment: a three-acre area of the Late Saxon town south of Brandon road, an adjacent group of pottery kilns, and a pre-Conquest church. The excavations show the topography and development of Late Saxon Thetford south of the river. The crowded south bank was home to industry and commerce, including Thetford Ware kilns. There is still little evidence for overseas trade on any scale, but recent evidence from York is comparable in its lack of ceramic evidence for trade. The south bank was gradually abandoned after the 12th century, but documentary research suggests that the north bank continued to flourish, possibly as a planned town.

Full reference:
Carolyn Dallas, 1993. 'Excavations in Thetford by B.K. Davison between 1964 and 1970', East Anglian Archaeology 62