EAA 65, 1993: Settlements on Hill-tops: Seven Prehistoric Sites in Suffolk, by E.Martin

This volume contains excavation reports for seven sites that all share the characteristic of a hill-top location. Although the hill-tops never exceed 50m OD in height and on average are only 30–40m higher than the adjoining valley bottoms, their elevated position was clearly a significant factor in the siting of these prehistoric settlements. The sites include a double-ditched Iron Age enclosure at Barnham that is possibly religious in function, analogous to the viereckschanzen of the Continent; first millennium BC open settlements at Barham and Framlingham; and multi-period (Neolithic to Iron Age) occupation at Martlesham and Great and Little Bealings. The dating and typology of first millennium BC pottery in East Anglia is also discussed in the light of the material from these sites.

Full reference:
E.Martin, 1993. 'Settlements on Hill-tops: Seven Prehistoric Sites in Suffolk', East Anglian Archaeology 65