EAA 68, 1994: Excavations at Fishergate, Norwich, 1985, by Brian Ayers

The interior of the probable 10th-century defended enclosure revealed ditches, fencing and outbuildings under a thick layer of rubbish which accumulated during the 11th century. Post-holes, ditches and a barrel used as a cess-pit indicate further occupation during the 12th and 13th centuries. 14th-century stone walls were the latest features excavated on the site, and the development of the area thereafter is followed in documentation and a survey of the standing buildings.
Finds include the largest single assemblage of Ipswich-type ware from the city, imported pottery of Middle Saxon and Saxo-Norman date and a range of 8th-century, later Saxon and Saxo-Norman material. Environmental data has improved knowledge of the river and its environs.

Full reference:
Brian Ayers, 1994. 'Excavations at Fishergate, Norwich, 1985', East Anglian Archaeology 68