EAA 70, 1994: The Fenland Project No.9: Flandrian Environmental Change in Fenland, by M. Waller

The results of the Fenland Project’s palaeoenvironmental programme are described in this volume. The overall aim of the Project was to place archaeological sites discovered by field survey within their contemporary landscape. To this end, the palaeoenvironmental programme concentrated on the recent (Flandrian) deposits of Fenland.
The volume is divided into two parts. Part I includes discussions of previous studies and methodology, models of depositional environments and a synthesis of information on vegetational history. Part II contains details of the stratigraphic information collected from over forty sites in Fenland, and concludes with a sedimentary history of the region in which aspects of archaeological interest are highlighted, along with the remaining gaps and uncertainties in our knowledge.

Full reference:
M. Waller, 1994. 'The Fenland Project No.9: Flandrian Environmental Change in Fenland', East Anglian Archaeology 70